Wonky Veg

I have been watching Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's new TV programm "War on Waste", with great interest, as  It's a subject that I'm very passionate about. We have become borderline obsessive about so called beauty perfection, I lay the blame for this squarely at the feet of social media. The constant strive for flawlessness in all our lives, shown almost as soft porn across the mediums of Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. There is almost a fear of being seen as individual or to stand out from the crowd. I find it quite shocking that we shun the normal and ridicule the ugly or not perfect. None of it comes even close to representing my  less than perfect life. We have become a disposable society, chucking old phones away just because a new model is out and this cosmetic standard has filtered itself insidiously into our shopping baskets.

I genuinely believe this is not customer driven, we simply have not been given the choice. The supermarkets have created this beauty pageant for perfect vegetables and the farmers are losing out. We're also on the losing side, I know I would much prefer to pay a bit less for wonky veg and the farmers wouldn't have to needlessly dispose of the crops. It must be soul destroying for them as well as hitting them in their pocket. Think about it, no farmers no food.  Food that can be eaten by human beings, should be eaten by human beings. What are your thoughts? Check out Hugh's website.