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Useful Cooking Tip

"it's all in the prep".  Getting as much done as possible before the event and boxed away. We have a family "Do" coming up in a few weeks and I've already started my lists and have done my calculations. It's not a very large gathering but I always want to get it right on the night, so I give myself plenty of time to pull it all together.

Whenever you're catering for large numbers, you really need to have crowd pleaser dishes unless you are very familiar with your guests palettes.  I try to avoid doing chicken as it's so mundane , I avoid lamb because it's not to everybodies taste so I've gone back to the drawing board for the classic version of Boeuf Bourguignon by Raymond Blanc, although he doesn't use mushrooms.

I came across this great tip which I'd never heard of before that I want to share with you. Empty a good lot of plain flour onto a baking sheet ( I used half a bag) and bake it in a the oven at 180C, until it's nice and toasted, approximately 15 minutes.  

When it's cool, pour it into a clean, dry jar. This is now my "go to" flour whenever I need to sprinkle in a spoonful of flour to thicken casseroles, sauces or soups. Not only are you adding flavour, you are also cooking it out which makes it easier to digest.