The importance of condiments

IMG_2830For people that know me,  here I will hold up both my hands and admit, I am a condiment slut. You really can't underestimate the importance of the quality of good condiments. I'm talking about salt, pepper,oil,butter, these sometimes thought of as incidental in the grand scheme of a recipe. But I feel they are the backbone of your flavour palate and should be sought out and cared for. You probably think I'm mad but I feel very strongly about the different qualities of salt that I use,for example, we all know the free flowing stuff you get in the supermarket is good for quite a few things like seasoning a new wok, washing lettuces, a super fast brine with ice for chilling warm wine and de icing the drive.

I know there are salts from all corners of the globe, Himalayan pink, Hawaiian black, French gris and even liquid salt from the Basque region of Spain.They're all still sitting on my shelves because I keep returning to what I feel is the best salt for cooking, Maldon. The way the crystals flake effortlessly between your fingertips, it's minerally taste and it makes a visually appealing garnish.Invest in a spice grinder, you'll thank me for it, makes life easier in the kitchen. I grind peppercorns as I need them. Black, green and pink(not really a peppercorn at all, it's a member of the poison ivy family!). I am also a fan of white pepper, you know the really fine powder, fabulous in champ or any dish that you want to keep all white, it fairly packs a punch.

I would love to be considered as an ambassador for Kerrygold butter, it would be the easiest, most rewarding job in the world because I LOVE BUTTER. It makes everything taste better. Try making a Beurre Noisette salad dressing