I'm back.

tomatillos I feel I should apologise for my long absence, life has a strange way of distracting you from your chosen path sometimes. At the same time, family does and should come first.

The shot of the tomatillos is from last summer, I had so many I really didn't know what to do with them all.

They are super easy to grow and one plant is sufficient for a family to enjoy. They have an ungainly gait, a bit straggly, needing some gentle support against blustery summer days ( like we're enduring now ).

Like most things in the veg plot, the more you pick the more they grow. When you peel back the papery husk on the outside  the first thing you notice is the waxy coating on the fruit, this needs to be washed off. My favourite way of using these is to dry roast them on a really hot skillet, along with red onion, garlic and chillies.

Tomatillo Salsa



garlic,peel left on

Red onion cut into quarters, peel left on.

Red or Green chillies,  pierce with a sharp knife ( stops them exploding).

Limes cut in half.

Salt, pepper and coriander to finish.


Heat up the skillet, you might need to open a window for this one.

Place all the vegetables onto the now smoking skillet. Keep turning the veg with a tongs, until every thing is all nicely blackened and blistered. Scrape everything, except the peel from the garlic and onions, into a pestle and mortar, squeeze the juice from the limes, season with salt and pepper and bash away until nice and chunky. Sprinkle with chopped coriander and serve in a nice bowl. This is fabulous with anything BBQ'd