Forgotten garnish

close up winter ice bowl Well it came and went, Christmas day that is. All the prep, shopping, cleaning and general re organising of the house. By the time it came around, I was absolutely exhausted, excited, but exhausted. Seems to be an all too common thread for women 'round the world, well mostly women. First of all, it starts too bloody early. As soon as Halloween's over, the decorations are out and every radio station has us drowning in carols. Now I know you're probably thinking "she's a grinch", well I'm not, I'm a total Christmas slut, I love everything about the season, even the cold weather, which is very conducive to eating comfort food close to a big roaring fire. Apparently there are some Nordic countries that by law, Christmas doesn't start 'til the second week in December! I'm with them on that one.

Anyway, on the day itself, everybody arrived on time, full of anticipation and with healthy appetites. They came to the right place. I was so busy eating, drinking and trying to make sure everybody was happy, I took no photos. All I had managed to capture were the few shots on the last post . Ah well....the best laid plans.