meadow of daisies For me the food came first. When we were much younger, we used to rent one of Darina's cottages down in Shannagarry every summer. I remember playing badminton with my kids in what was once an apple barn,this is now the cookery school. I used to see the students running across the grass to collect eggs  to be used in  demonstrations. It was the start of Darina's cookery school. As I watched them in their chefs whites, I promised myself one day I would be one of those students. Fast forward too many years to count, I felt very much at home coming back to do the course, like I had come full circle. I have been cooking professionally ever since. From the sublime to the ridiculous. After twenty years of failures and successes, I continue to grow as a cook, I have made such great friends along the way. I am blessed to work with an extraordinarily talented team of professional people who continue to make me look good, I couldn't do it without them. So now my new journey begins as a photographer and I'm inviting you to join me on this road of discovery, with probably some hilarious results :)